Nadahalli Sripada Rao

Founder & Managing Trustee

Nadahalli Sripada Rao, after witnessing the hardships of widowhood of his aunt at her age of 12, transformed to serve the cause. In 1983, he wrote a novel titled “Hosa Badaku” (New Life) based on widow marriage. In 1988 he himself married a widow who had a child. He founded a trust Parivarthana to eradicate stigma attached to widows. For more details, please visit

Dr N.B. Jayaprakash (JP)

Founder & Managing Trustee

Dr N.B. Jayaprakash popularly known as JP has experience of promoting social cause since 30 years. He is founder and managing trustee of Parihaar Foundation dedicatedly promoting welfare of widowed and divorced women, and senior citizens serving fulltime with the support of many selfless social transformers. For more details, please visit

R Ganesh Kumar


R Ganesh Kumar of GK Brightlight pictures has joined Parihaar Foundation as trustee to serve the noble cause.